Why Travel is Self-Care

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Well first off, what is self-care?

According to the Oxford dictionary, “self-care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress”. In this climate of “faking it til you make it” more and more people are slipping between the cracks. It’s okay to not have it all together every second of the day. What’s not okay is pretending you’re fine.It’s more important than ever to protect your well-being. Keep on reading to find out how travel can do just that. 

Attitude of Gratitude


Seeing the world from a new perspective helps to not only open your mind but increase your appreciation for the life you have. When you do the same things and talk to the same people everyday it’s quite easy to get tunnel vision. Stepping into the unknown forces you to see and think differently. This can ultimately lead to improved life satisfaction and gratitude. Numerous studies have been done highlighting the effects of a positive attitude and gratitude. It can improve your immune system, speed up recovery, and even significantly lower stress. If you enjoy traveling then this should be all the justification you need to book your next tripRead more about improved health and positivity here.

Decrease Stress

No doubt about it, stress is a killer. According to the American Psychological Association, stress is linked to 6 major causes of death. Fortunately travel can combat all that. Quality time away with family and/or friends not only strengthens your relationships with them but also increases happiness which then lowers your stress threshold if you will. The happier you are, the less likely  you are to be triggered by an unexpected occurrence. Having time to do as much or as little as you’d like to truly yields a high return on your investment. 

Digital Break-Up


While this digital era may have come with a whole lot of improvements, it equally has its drawbacks. One of which is a decline in people’s mental health. Social media has exacerbated feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and FOMO. People’s identities are so tied to their followers/friends that they don’t even know who they are in real life. Even if you don’t take a vacation to do so, setting some time aside for a digital break can drastically improve your mood and overall well-being. Alternatively, not posting everything on social media while you are on vacation can be just as beneficial. Really unplug and disappear while you can.

Can we make not doing it for the gram a thing in 2020?

Self Discovery


I’m a firm firm believer that you don’t fully know who you are until you’ve traveled. More specifically, travel someplace radically different than what you’re used to. I say this probably a dozen times a month, but if it doesn’t challenge you then it won’t change you. Growth comes from challenges. Character is built from challenges. Perseverance is developed from challenges. Okay, I think you get the point now.  When we make an effort to break away from our comfort zone, we uncover so much about ourselves in the process. Having that opportunity can then lead to increased self-awareness and even aid in revealing a new found purpose in life. That’s not just me selling you on why you should travel either. I’m speaking from personal experience. Travel has simultaneously saved my life and given me life.

It’s Fun

Let’s face it. Many millennials, particularly those of melanated complexion, are bombarded with obstacles and setbacks daily. It is an absolute must to find an outlet to have some fun. Why not make it travel? “You won’t regret the things you did, but you will regret all the things you didn’t do”. Try that thing you’ve always wanted to. Discover new food and beverages. Really thrill yourself with a shocking excursion. It’s really so much more affordable than you might think. With proper planning and budgeting you can make travel a staple in your life. Unsure of where to start? Check out one of my most popular post How to Travel more Often hereI can hear some of you saying under your breathe how money isn’t the problem girl; you’re flaky friends are. Listen Linda! That’s no excuse either. The Inn Crowd has cultivated an inviting environment for women just like you. Read here Why solo group trips are the BEST way to travel these days. 

YOU DESERVE NICE THINGS SIS! And I’m not shouting at you I’m just very passionate about this final point. As women, we bare so much but receive so little. When you’re constantly giving, you can start to feel guilty about taking. DON’T! How can you expect to give your best when you’re depleted?  A weekend away can be a reset button to replenish all you’ve lost. Get away, clear your mind, and most importantly have some fun! Do you currently have a self-care regime? What does it consist of? Is travel already apart of your routine?


Let us know in the comments how you protect and maintain your peace.



About the Author

Ayishia is a self-proclaimed Charleston native who writes about all things travel on her blog ayishiatravels.com. As a writer, advocate, and travel blogging millennial, she strives to educate on the important impact travel haves and why it should be incorporated as a self care practice.


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